Creating an All-Encompassing Customer Experience

Earlier this month, Orate co-founders, Sara Capra and Veronica Eklund, attended the FFEA (Florida Festivals & Events Association) Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida to learn about and discuss trends & insights with more than 60 of the top vendors in the events industry. Recapping today, they both state that most impressive was how FFEA provided a world-class customer experience for all involved – from sponsors to normal attendees. 

From a sponsorship perspective, the experience could not have been easier. We were given clear directions on exactly where to ship promotional materials, how many, and the deadline. FFEA set up and distributed the materials before we arrived, so we didn’t have to worry about it, and after the event, our point of contact shipped banners and extra materials back to our office. As you can see below, our ads on display included a mobile, website and display banner.

aaa      Orate Web Banner Ad on FFEA website      banner_to_come__1024

For speakers, the experience was seamless. A few weeks before the event, FFEA sent emails with pertinent details (including tech requirements, room numbers, maps of the venue and a full agenda) so that they knew exactly what to expect – and where to go and when. During the event, speakers were introduced by volunteers and had tech assistants to help them coordinate different components (audio, software, etc.) of their presentation.

FFEA assisted exhibitioners and vendors in transforming and personalizing their coordinated areas of the trades show floor as well and allowed them to stay open late – which pleased attendees, especially on cocktail night! The FFEA also made it easier for everyone to follow up on different networking and business opportunities by providing a full attendees list in an email about a week after the event. 

Eklund and Capra were amazed at the level of coordination and support that FFEA provided to all attendees. In preparation for our Speaker Video Event next month, the Orate team has been working hard to map out and plan for all potential situations that attendees could experience during the event. In doing so, we hope to provide a similar, world-class event for all involved! If you’re a speaker in need of a video for your Orate profile, register now before seats fill up!